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shipping to Buli Nuo

Le 30 December 2014, 05:27 dans Humeurs 0

he processed more than 30,000 pieces down jacket after a clothing factory in Tianjin, by land, arrived in early November in Moscow, Russia Liu  market.From fabrics, processing, shipping to Buli Nuo market, each jacket cost is more than 400 yuan.Xie said Liu Bu Linuo market clothing business, usually three onike air max 2015 mensr four months ahead of the start processing. He said he's more than 30,000 pieces Down loss mainly due to more than 200 million, is the second half of the ruble devaluation.He said that the goods have been sent to the Russian market, the ruble was devalued, but also to sell at a loss. If you do not sell high storage costs, usually the business is good, the goods to be put immediately finished.According to him, Wenzhou businessmen in Beijing do leather, trousers, jackets sold in the Russian market wholesale at least more than 200, basically losing money every year, unless some make dollars, and some help Russia Shang processing .Wen business  fabrics do business in Beijing for several years, according to him, Yin Lubu devaluation, foreign trade business, many companies lose money this year, some 10 million Wen business losses this year than

is normal.Wen enterprises difficult to do business in RussiaRental inventory labor costs are high25 afternoon, after Russia and Europe Dragon Logistics clearance company in Wenzhou Office Mr. Wu, the reporter came to Wenzhou Shuangyu a shoe factory to do foreign trade. Security doorman told reporters that they are sold in the Russian market shoes factory, before business can be, this business is very poor, the workers would have a holiday, the boss in Russia.According to him, Wenzhou, Liu Bu Linuo market shoemaking business, no less than 200 companies, doinnike roshe run cheapg business in Russia, business is bad encounter, plus shop rental, inventory space, labor costs are very powerful to lose money .Wenzhou Shoe Association staff told reporters that this year's shoe business in Russia, business is not good, the staff both in the afternoon and Russia trade company CEOs telephone to facilitate an interview with reporters. This reporter called the phone number two corporate executives, they told

 reportesuperimposed on the location of the characters, images and other information.Later, in order to make the car driver can concentrate on driving, this technology has been ported to the car. 1988, HUD, as a safety driving support configuration appear in GM's Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme models equipped with BMW today HUD is directly windshield as a display medium, higher resolution, and the content richer.In addition, ACC nike air max thea uktems are derived from the first pilot an aircraft in flight control technology borrowed computer.The future, as matured aerospace technology, drive a car and driving will also aircraft, automatic driving in a particular environment, allowing drivers to get the maximum degree of liberation, and ultimately unmanned.Recently, Beijing Beiqi unmanned vehicle appearance, this new energy and by BAIC Beijing Union University jointly developed unmanned E150EV, can be combined with GPS, car camera and 3D sensors to complete their position accurately, is a truly intelligent highly automated car.Aeronautical

of Wenzhou shoe exports

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rs that they are not shoes, claiming Reporters wrong phone, may be reluctant to be interviewed.Mr. Zhang in the shoes for many years, is a shoe market in Willow  homegrown. According to Zhang, he made shoes in the wholesale market is usually willow  10-20 dollars, in which each pair of shoes is about $ 2 profit, while the second half of this year, falling ruble powerful, profit fell by more than 50%.Clothing, shoes, automobile and motorcycle etc.Affected many industries in RussiaIt is understood that Russia is the third largest traditional export markets of Wenzhou shoe exports after the European Union, the United States after the 2013 footwear export value of over 800 million yuan, while the value of exports this year will fall significantly, the sharp depreciation of the Russian ruble will affect a nike free tr fit salectual consumption, which will further affect Wenzhou shoe exports.According to the staff Shoe Association, ruble devaluation export prices on the Russian market of Wenzhou shoe great, there is a shoe is to do foreign trade orders, the company and the Russian company for many years and old customers in the first half of this year under a

 huge amount orders shipped to some time ago, due to the devaluation of the ruble, the Russian side informed that Wenzhou shoe, the original goods do not, no money was sent to Russia, the orderGreat economic loss to the cause of this enterprise in Wenzhou.In Wenzhou, Zhou Haizhong in the garment industry for many years, told reporters, Wenzhou clothing business in Russia this year are dead loss, he said Chinese businessmen operating in Russia shoes, socks, clothing, glasses, jewelry, building materials and other people who have a lot.[Reason] lossRussia is also unwilling to pay for refusing to pick up temporary demand for lower pricesEven if the thing sold, nike lunarglide 4 ukalso suffered heavy losses in the ruble-denominatedIt is engaged in foreign trade business for many years the Russian market Zhiqiang introduction, Wenzhou do foreign trade business in Russia there are two types of companies. One is to make an order, the order of the contract if such enterprises are calculated in US dollars, the devaluation of the ruble, the impact will not be great, and the other is homegrown, such enterprises domestic good product processing, shipping to Russian market their own sales. Yin Lubu devaluation, wholesale sales are in rubles, these business losses great.Wu said: "This year the ruble crash in Wenzhou enterprise

carbon fiber reinforced polymer material body weight of 172kg, while the same model steel body weight of 368kg, weight loss of about 50%.But at present due to the high cost of carbon fiber, a material used in the car is not yet universal, only used on some cars, limousine. It is understood that the date on the application of research and development of models aluminum, carbon fiber and other materials, the BMW i3 model price 449,800 yuan has been considered close to the people.Intelligent control system to make cars more "smart"In the voice operat nike free run 3 saleion of the car, automatically provide information, computer-assisted navigation aspects, automatic speed control and automatic security alarm and other intelligent control system of aviation technology, make the car more "intelligent."HUD, is now widely used in the aircraft's flight aids can be flight parameters, aiming attacks, self-testing and other information, in the form of images, characters, and projected through the optical components to the cockpit in front of the combination on the display device on the glass . Through a combination of glass when pilots look outside the scene, you can also see

an obvious decline previously rare

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caused great losses, and some trade breach of contract, and some refused to timely delivery, and some do not pay your money, there are also temporary demand for lower prices." Mr. Wu said that such an obvious decline previously rare, Wenzhou, some companies are afraid to accept orders at present the Russian side.According to the Secretary-General of the Association of Wenzhou textile introduction, Wenzhou has 1664 companies have business dealings with Russia, the main products are shoes, clothing, automobile and motorcycle, socks and other indust  nike air max 95 ukries. It is not long ago when he learned at an industry association meeting, this year Ryan socks industry, affected by the devaluation of the ruble, the Russian market to do some business losses powerful.Since June of this year, exports to Russia Wenzhou year downward trend, but the decline began to increase in August, a decline in the range of 11.75 to 27.86 percent.Wenzhou SME Development Association president Zhou German think after the devaluation of the ruble in Russia Zhejiang marked decline in returns, the maximum decrease of five percent. With the devaluation of the ruble, reduced

consumption, these professional market orders to reduce the amount of 30-40%.Director of Foreign Trade Division, said Yan Wenru Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, business orders may require the payment of US dollars, and paid in advance, in order to reduce risk, in addition to marketing next year to re-consider cnike air max 90 hyperfuse salearefully, with particular attention to risk. This NTU open TBM excavation diameter 7.93 m in diameter, total length of 180 meters, a total weight of 1,500 tons, more than 5000 kilowatts installed power, set the tunnel excavation, support, slag, ventilation, drainage and other functions in one, driving accuracy mm grade, safe, environmentally friendly and efficient completion of the tunnel construction time. After the device offline for national key projects in the central city of Jilin Songhua water supply project, for a total length of 23 km driving.Deputy General Manager of China Railway Construction Heavy, TBM Cheng Yongliang chief architect, said: "If the goal of the project using the traditional tunnel construction method, less than 150 meters per month only boring, but the use of this advanced TBM, monthly tunneling 600 m or

moastronauts, but also make electric vehicles benefit.December 16, Beiqi launch of two new energy electric vehicles EV200, ES210 is equipped with a lithium battery so that the   nike air max 1 onlinetwo ternary electric vehicle mileage of more than 200 kilometers of pure electric vehicles make Chinese technology has reached a new height.In addition, other applications in the automotive field to aerospace technology is the use of hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel cell works is to make hydrogen and oxygen are mixed together to produce useful electricity, heat and water, this technology worked Apollo spacecraft separation tank to provide power, currently used on the bus.Carbon fiber composites to make the vehicle more "light"All along, how to make and sturdy yet lightweight automotive engineers have a headache, it is learned, application of space science and technology in the field of aviation in the application of high-strength lightweight materials, thermoforming, laser welding technology in the field of automobile manufacturing in largely solved this problem.Materials Systems Laboratory told a British carbon fiber composite weight loss study results show that

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